Awesome Unknown*: The Book Of Unwritten Tales

Point and click is a genre that has been around since the very early days of gaming; King’s Quest (1984), Maniac Mansion (1987) and The Secret of Monkey Island (1990) are just three of the more popular early iterations. Since the late 1990’s however, the genre has started to decline in popularity with more recent titles being developed by indies looking to reinvent the style, … Continue reading Awesome Unknown*: The Book Of Unwritten Tales

Awesome Unknown*: BigFest

In today’s saturated market, it’s easier for indie titles to slip under the radar – especially when they’re to be released exclusively on a washed-up, unpopular system. BigFest, the concert-management simulator developed by On the Metal, was recently sent out on stage to satisfy the PlayStation Vita’s hungry crowd. With first-party support from Sony XDev Studios, you’d half expect the game to be a roaring … Continue reading Awesome Unknown*: BigFest

Awesome Unknown*: Persona 3

Developed by Atlus, Persona 3 is somewhat of an unknown within the JRPG genre. The Persona series, a sub-series of the Shin Megami Tensei line of games, is spearheaded by its most popular title Persona 4. Although Persona 4 is a phenomenal game, it’s unfortunate that it overshadows its predecessors, leaving them high and dry in terms of popularity. Persona 3 isn’t the least-known game … Continue reading Awesome Unknown*: Persona 3