More gongs for Bethesda at MCV Awards

Adding to their ever-expanding trophy cabinet, Bethesda took publisher of the year at the MCV awards. Now in their 15th year, the MCV awards were established to recognise games publishing, retail, distribution, marketing, PR, events and media. This Thursday marked the night of the MCV awards with many of the industry’s important faces there to share in the glitz and glamour. Taking the sales triumph of the … Continue reading More gongs for Bethesda at MCV Awards

Review: Wet

Bethesda’s take on a gun-slingin’ shoot’em up mayhem! I never thought the day would come where Bethesda would publish a game not worthy to brand its own name. WET is a severe disappointment, the black sheep of the family compared to iconic Bethesda productions like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Fallout 3. As shoot ‘em ups go, it does provide quite a challenge whether the difficulty … Continue reading Review: Wet

Review: Fallout New Vegas

Las Vegas under a buggy renovation  The Fallout franchises have become very popular in recent years, despite the game series starting in the late ’90s. Fallout: New Vegas is the successor to Fallout 3, a well-received game and considered to be a modern day classic by many players – but does the next instalment live up to the reputation left behind by its older brother?  … Continue reading Review: Fallout New Vegas