8 hardest games to play

From Software are notorious for creating some of the toughest games ever in the Souls’ franchise, including the latest release of Dark Souls III. To celebrate the impressive and critically acclaimed series, here’s a list of our eight hardest video games to ever exist (that we’ve actually played!). Super Meat Boy Difficult platformers aren’t exactly a rare commodity in gaming, with titles like Battletoads and Ghosts … Continue reading 8 hardest games to play

10 weird or wonderful video game backstories

Weird: Undertale Developed by Toby Fox and released in 2015, on first glance Undertale may not seem to have much depth. However, to the player who takes their time with the game and explores the world, it opens up one of the most intriguing backstories in gaming of the last year. The backstory in Undertale surrounds a great war that took place many years before  between … Continue reading 10 weird or wonderful video game backstories

Review: Bloodborne

Spiritual successor to Soul Series does not disappoint From Software is known for its vast open world RPG games and being able to keep the genre fresh, despite how frequently they return to it. Around the world these games have gained infamy for their difficulty but despite how challenging the games are, they are also fair with a learning curve that helps players to ease into the games … Continue reading Review: Bloodborne

5 Boss battles that will break you

Seen it all, beaten it all? Our round-up of the biggest, toughest boss battles out there, starting with…   Braska’s Final Aeon, Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X is a game that is not shy of boss battles. However, one boss stands out above the others: Braska’s Final Aeon (above). Notorious for its huge amount of health and devastating attacks, it progressively gets harder as … Continue reading 5 Boss battles that will break you