Why Crash Kart deserves more than a remaster

When Sonic Racing Transformed released in 2012, it was the biggest shake-up in kart racing since double karts in Double Dash. In 2003, Nintendo introduced the mechanic in their sequel; Mario Kart: Double Dash, allowing players to double up on karts and power-ups, creating more varied races and player options. Sonic Transformed brought boats and planes to the party, with tracks changing from lap to … Continue reading Why Crash Kart deserves more than a remaster

5 best retro games to play online

Sometimes the best games are the simplest. Here are our five best retro games available to play for free online right now. Join us on a trip down gaming’s memory lane… Super Mario Kart No retro games list will be complete without the Italian plumber and his crew racing around psychedelic tracks, demonstrating bad sportsmanship by tossing consciously-aware mushrooms at their competitors. Super Mario Kart is an oldie … Continue reading 5 best retro games to play online

Lost gaming gem: Sonic CD

Sonic CD – a game about time travel, lost in time. The plot is pretty simple: a girl has been kidnapped; save her. It’s a traditional Sonic game, with running and jumping aplenty as you’d expect, but time travel is a new key mechanic that is cleverly interspersed throughout all levels. Posts are labelled ‘past’ and ‘future’ to indicate the desired direction of time travel, … Continue reading Lost gaming gem: Sonic CD