Monthly Merch: GamingHeads

As someone with a LARGE plushie collection you’d imagine I have very little space for more. Though that’s true, Gamingheads’ collectables site has changed my mind. Gamingheads is a site with high quality and reasonably priced plushies, PVC figures and art prints which many of you may never have heard of. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the collectables business where we strive … Continue reading Monthly Merch: GamingHeads

Lost Gaming Gem: Spyro the Dragon

Released in October 1998 in Europe after a year of development, the first Spyro game is a relic of a bygone age. For me the game was a staple of my childhood, pulling hours of enjoyment out of it. It’s simple to play and understand, with the only main characters throughout the game Spyro and Sparx.  The story is very simple to follow. Spyro must … Continue reading Lost Gaming Gem: Spyro the Dragon